Video Production

CTE Broadcasting


The Cheshire Career Center TV Production Studio is happy to film class lessons, field trips, guest speakers, special events, presentations, public service announcements, athletic events, concerts, plays, commercials for fundraisers, club meetings, workshops, etc.   However, we do need two (2) weeks notice to plan, prepare, organize, practice, schedule, and set up.

If you would like for us to produce a show in the studio, please keep in mind this involves lighting, microphones, camera placement, set design, and practicing.  We are happy to accommodate, but we want to do the best job possible and need at least a month's notice.
To record larger events elsewhere in the school or community, we also ask for at least a month's notice, and we will need $50.00 for set-up fees and charge $10.00 per DVD.  The money goes to Video Club to replace supplies and to fund scholarships.  We also ask that if the event is in the evening, you provide dinner for the video crew.  Pizza is fine.

We can also transfer VHS tapes to DVDs.  The set up fee is $5.00.  The cost per DVD is $10.  Each DVD comes with a custom-printed label and a paper sleeve.  The money goes to Video Club to replace supplies and to fund scholarships.

We would love to offer you our services, but please inquire at least two (2) weeks ahead of time to film anything...and please contact us a month in advance for bigger jobs.

Afterwards, please allow us two (2) weeks to edit and burn copies of DVDs.  Again, DVDs come with a custom label and paper sleeve at a cost $10.00 per DVD.

Please email me directly to make an appointment.  Asking a student, calling, or stopping by room 406 does not guarantee you will be scheduled.

The only block we are unavailable is 4th block.  But with enough notice, we may be able to arrange a crew.
The TV Studio is excited to offer our services to all of SAU29, and we have been quite busy this year!  We look forward to working with you.  Thank you for helping us to make the experience successful, positive, and educational for everyone.

Jeremy VanDerKern
CCC TV Production, KHS English Dept.,
Keene Community Ed ADP teacher, VHS co-site coordinator.
Keene High School
43 Arch Street
Keene, NH 03431