Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development Honors

1 Credit - Fall Only

Portfolio Development Honors is intended for highly motivated students who are interested in developing an advanced portfolio for art colleges, art related careers, and general admissions. Portfolio Development Honors runs during the same block as Portfolio Development and uses most of the same class curriculum. Four to five homework drawings assignments are required in Portfolio Development (H) and are considered an important part of developing a quality portfolio. This course emphasizes the development of advanced art skills, problem solving skills as well as the development of one’s individual style and personal expression. Media techniques that are explored include drawing with different media, acrylic painting, dry point etching, and sculpture. Students also have the opportunity to learn how to photograph their artwork and process it in Photoshop for a digital portfolio. Students are encouraged to work with their teacher to strengthen ands organize their portfolio.

Note: Students may use their art portfolios in the college admissions process to help them pursue careers in fine arts, film animation, web design, engineering, architecture, all design related fields art education and scholarship opportunities.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Adv. Art Studies or permission of the instructor.

Open to grade 12.