Parent Portal Information

Parent Portal Information

A.  Users MUST use one of the following Internet browsers to support the latest version of the Parent Portal:  Internet Explorer Traditional Version 8 or 9, Firefox any current version, Chrome latest version 29.0  *Users will not be able to log in or set up unless your follow the browser guidelines.  KHS cannot help with technical support for browsers.

B.  DO NOT click onto “Sign IN”  > Click onto “Create Account”

C.  Use the “Parent Portal Letter” given to students the first day of school and enter the information from the letter (email address, “User Name and Password) in the “Access ID & Password. You may make changes after your have set up this account. Parent Portal User Name and Passwords are also located on the student schedule.

D.  Continue to create your own account with your own unique password and link other family to your 1 account. *You need to have each student’s log in account information to put all family (students) together onto your account. 

E. After the account has been set up you may go into the Parent Portal to make changes.  Please realize that changes in address, phone, email, and emergency contacts, etc, should also be communicated to the appropriate school (HOUSE) office for your student.

  The following link will help you in the process.                

  Portal Help